FbQuickLogin - Automatically login to your Facebook account

What is fbQuickLogin?

fbQuickLogin is a FREE extension for Google's browser, Chrome. This extension allows you to login to your Facebook account in just a click. 

You can configure your Facebook account's username and password in this extension and fbQuickLogin will log you in with just a click. In addition, if you stumble upon Facebook login page at any moment, this extension will pop up the configured accounts so that you can just login with a click.

Browser's default "Save Password" can help me here. Why do i need this extension?
In case, if a single PC is being used by multiple members of your family, then they don't have to go through the process of typing in the credentials all the time. 
Moreover, with this extension in one account scenario, you don't have to go to the facebook page and then go through multiple clicks to access your account. Just a click and you're in!